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Exactaform Cutting Tools are a Made in the Midlands Gold Member

About us

We at exactaform pride ourselves as being specialists in diamond tooling manufacture. Our vision is to be the brand of choice for high quality PCD tooling solutions.

With our headquarters in the heart of England, we provide quality tooling to both large and small companies. We operate locally and globally, being able to deliver exceptional tooling with our own personal touch is our mission.

Supplying tooling ranging from PCD countersinks to drills, milling tools and reamers, we are driven by three simple values. Get things done, take pride in every detail and most of all Stay down to earth. Our values enable us to be a reliable, capable solutions provider with consistently high quality. But at the same time allows us to be flexible to offer rapid response to demands of the industry.


Services Exactaform Cutting Tools Provide

Part for part, Exactaform out performs. Our tools are part of global supply chains for aeroplanes, cars, jets and more for the biggest names in aerospace and automotive manufacturing.


With the composites market rapidly growing and changing, the need for quality tooling is every increasing. Our PCD solutions are vital when optimising methods to machine modern materials like MMC, Carbon fibre, Glass filled resins and many more.


With more capacity and bespoke tooling on our shop floor than anywhere else, we guarantee that we cannot be beaten on our lead times. Exactaform are known for our custom made PCD tools, delivered on time and to your exact specifications.


Nascar, Redbull, Mercedes and Williams are all proud to use Exactaform tools in their racing cars. Because we’re “made different”, everything from our manufacturing approach to the way our teams are trained is built for this fast paced industry.


As market leaders of aerospace tools trusted by many global brands, our innovative solutions consistently deliver while reducing cost per part and cost per hole.

Company Statistics


  • February 2019
  • 70
  • 1979
  • £10,000,000

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Tel: 07388990115